Complementary Colors
  •  Opt for eyeshadows like violet, plum, or lilac in the purple family.
  •   Purple and amber are complementary colors, which means they make each other stand out when side by side.
  •  For a performance set in a royal court, a violet and plum eyeshadow palette can give a regal air that makes amber eyes look like crown jewels.
Neutral Browns and Golds
  •   Use shades like chocolate brown, taupe, or even a hint of gold.
  •   These shades complement the warm undertones of amber eyes without taking the spotlight away from them.
  •   In a vintage 1920s number, You could use a chocolate brown eyeshadow with a hint of gold to create a flapper-inspired look that complements amber eyes beautifully.
Earth Tones
  •   Consider using greens, olives, or even rust colors.
  •  Earth tones can emphasize the natural, warm aspects of amber eyes.
  • For a nature-themed performance, a mix of olive and rust eyeshadows could make amber eyes resemble a fall landscape.
Avoid Overpowering Colors
  •   Steer clear of overly bright colors like neon green or electric blue.
  •   Such shades can overpower the natural beauty of amber eyes and divert attention away from them.
  •  In a futuristic show, instead of electric blues, a performer could opt for softer, metallic blues to keep the focus on their stunning amber eyes.
Smokey Eyes
  •  Create a smokey eye using darker shades like deep brown or dark olive.
  •   A smokey eye can add depth and drama, making amber eyes look even more striking.
  •   In a rock-n-roll-themed act, a dark olive smokey eye could give the eyes a sultry, mysterious vibe.
  •   Use eyeliners in brown or dark plum for a softer look.
  •   These colors provide definition without being too harsh, thus maintaining focus on the amber eyes.
  •  A dark plum eyeliner could offer the right balance of drama and sophistication in a classic Broadway musical number.
  •   Go for black or dark brown mascara to elongate and volumize the lashes.
  •  These shades will draw attention to the eyes without overshadowing the amber color.
  •   A waterproof dark brown mascara would add flair and durability during a high-energy dance number.
Experiment with Metallics
  •   Try metallics like bronze or copper.
  • These tones can introduce an element of glam while blending well with the golden undertones of amber eyes.
  •   In a glitzy, glamour-themed show, bronze eyeshadow could make amber eyes shimmer like a disco ball.
  •   Use an eyebrow pencil or powder in a shade that matches or complements your wig or natural hair color.
  •  Well-defined eyebrows frame the eyes and complete the overall look.
  •  For a classy, upscale event, perfectly groomed eyebrows could add the finishing touch to a polished appearance.
  •   Use a champagne or pale gold highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone.
  • This will brighten the eyes and make them appear larger and more open.
  • In a romantic ballad number, a touch of champagne highlighter could make the eyes look dreamy and soulful.
  •  Amber Eyes offers a unique opportunity for You to explore various styles and themes.
  •  While this provides an extensive starting point, the art of Drag allows endless experimentation to find what makes you shine brightest on stage.

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