Rules For Lip Color

Rules For Lip Color

Choosing and applying lip color is like putting the finishing touch on a masterpiece. It can change the vibe of your whole look! It's not about picking a color you like; several factors must be considered to ensure you're making the most out of your lip game.

Skin Tone Matters

Different skin tones pair better with certain shades.

Warm Undertones
  • Red can make your skin glow if you have a warm undertone, coral, peach, and warm reds like a brick or tomato.
Cool Undertones
  • On the other hand, cool undertones often work best with pinks, berries, and reds with a blue base, like cherry or cranberry red.
  •   If you have a warm undertone, a peachy nude might be your go-to for everyday wear, while a cherry red could be the perfect color for those with cool undertones.

Consider the Occasion

Your lip color can set the tone for the event you're attending.

Casual Outings
  • Subtle and neutral shades like nude or light pink might be best.
Formal Events
  • Feel free to go bold with colors like electric pink and deep plum or unconventional shades like black or blue.
Lip Care
  • Healthy lips are the best canvas for any color.
  •   Use a gentle lip scrub to get rid of dead skin.
  • Regularly use lip balm, especially before applying lip color, to ensure your lips are hydrated.

Balance with Eye Makeup

Your lip color should work as a team with your eye makeup.

Dramatic Eyes
  • If you've got a smoky eye or colorful eyeshadow, maybe choose a softer lip color like a nude or light pink.
Minimal Eyes
  • With less eye makeup, a bold lip can be the show's star.


Lip Liner

Lip liners are like the outline in a coloring book for your lips.

Matching Shades
  • Your lip liner should either match your natural lip color or the lipstick you're using.
Choosing Lipstick Finish
  • The finish of your lipstick can change the whole look.
  •   It offers a flat finish, often long-lasting, but can be dried.
  • A matte red might be perfect if you're going for a retro look.
  •   Adds shine and is often more hydrating.
  • For a summer party, a glossy coral could work wonders.

Overlining Lips

A little or a lot can make a big difference in overlining and making your lips look fuller.

Be Subtle
  • Start from your natural lip line.
Build your lips
  • Build out from your natural lip until your character looks right.
Lipstick Application
  •  How you put on your lipstick can change how it looks and how long it stays.
  •  Keep lips in proportion with the rest of your face.
  •   The color is too light if you feel your lips blend away in photos or the size and shape of your lips are not large enough.

Center to Corners

Start at the center and move outward so you don't end up with too much product at the corners of your mouth.

Use a Lip Brush
  •   For extra precision, especially with darker or brighter colors.
  •  Making your lip color last is all about the prep work.
Lip Primer
  •  A thin layer before your lipstick can make it stay on longer.
Long-Wear Formula
  •   Consider a lipstick that promises to last for hours.
Keep it Fresh
  •  Lip color can fade, especially after eating or drinking.


  •  Keep your lip color for quick fixes throughout the day and night.

Remember, these are lines, not rules set in stone. Makeup is about expressing yourself, so if you want to wear that bold lip to a business meeting or rock a nude lip at a party, go for it! Feel free to experiment and find what makes you feel fabulous.


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