Fake Eyelash Options

Fake Eyelash Options

Types of Fake Eyelashes

Strip Lashes
  • These are the most common fake eyelashes in various lengths, thicknesses, and styles.
  •  They're typically glued along the lash line in one go.
Individual Lashes
  •  Small clusters of 2-5 lashes can be glued onto the natural lashes.
  • They offer more control over the look but take more time to apply.
Magnetic Lashes
  •   These lashes attach to the lash line using small magnets rather than glue.
  •   They're reusable and more accessible to remove but may not hold as well during energetic performances.
Lash Extensions
  •   These are professionally applied at a salon and can last for several weeks.
  •  They're expensive but require minimal upkeep.


Synthetic Lashes
  •  These are made from artificial fibers and are the most affordable.
  •  They're suitable for bolder, more graphic styles.
Mink Lashes
  •  These lashes are made from real mink fur, offering a more natural look.
  •   However, they're more expensive and not a good option for those who want cruelty-free products.
Silk Lashes
  •   Silk lashes are Made from silk fibers.
  •  These lashes offer a middle-ground option between synthetic and mink lashes.
  •  They're lighter and more flexible.

Fake eyelashes can add the perfect finishing touch to a Drag Performer's look. By exploring different types, materials, and application techniques, performers can find the ideal pair to match their style and express themselves more fully.



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