Apply Eyelashes

Apply Eyelashes

What You'll Need

False eyelashes
  • Choose from natural, cluster, dramatic, or wispy styles based on the look you're going for.
Eyelash adhesive
  •  It usually comes with the false lashes but can also be bought separately.
  •  Helpful in placing the lashes with precision.
Small scissors
  •   For trimming the lashes to fit your eyes.
Mascara and eyelash curler
  •  To blend your natural lashes with the false ones.

Step-by-step Process

Prep Your Natural Lashes
  •   Curling your natural lashes creates a scaffold for your false lashes.
  •   Applying mascara adds volume, which helps in blending.
  •   Use an eyelash curler and pump a few times at the base of your lashes to create a curl.
  •   Apply a coat of mascara, focusing on the base rather than the tips for better adhesion with the false lashes.
Trim if Needed
  •  False lashes usually come in a standard size, which might not fit your eyes perfectly.
  • Place the false lashes against your eye to measure the correct length.
  •  If the lashes extend beyond your natural eye shape, trim them from the outer corner for a more natural fit.
Apply Eyelash Adhesive
  •   The adhesive needs to become tacky for the lashes to stick appropriately.
  •  Run a thin layer of adhesive along the band of the false lashes.
  •   Add a little extra on all four corners of the lashes.
  •   This will help prevent lifting.
  •   Wait for about 30 seconds or until the adhesive is sticky to the touch.
Position the Lashes
  •   Proper positioning ensures that the false lashes align with your natural lash line.
  •  Use tweezers to place the center of the false lashes near the center of your natural lash line.
  •  Once aligned, secure the inner and outer corners.
Adjust and Fixing
  •  Minor adjustments can significantly affect how natural the false lashes look.
  •   If the lashes aren't perfectly aligned, reposition them by gently nudging with your tweezers or fingers before the adhesive dries completely.
Blending Natural and False Lashes
  • This step eliminates the demarcation between your natural and false lashes.
  •   Use your fingers or a clean mascara wand to press your natural lashes into the false ones, blending them together.


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