Founder's Message

In my earlier days, I wasn't known as Mica Shine; I was Larry Zellers, a person driven by a profound passion for makeup and education. However, life took an extraordinary turn, leading me into the captivating world of drag performance, and that's when Mica Shine was born. This newfound identity wasn't just about dazzling stages; it was about changing lives.

My journey began with a deep understanding that makeup was more than just an array of colors and brushes. It was a means for individuals to express who they truly were, both inside and out. I keenly listened as people, including men, women, and fellow drag performers, shared their makeup challenges and concerns. Through volunteering and helping others, I gained invaluable insights into the diverse needs and desires of makeup users. It wasn't solely about looking good; it was about feeling good too.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, a brilliant idea took shape. What if there was a line of beauty products that could help everyone look and feel like royalty? That's when I assumed the role of Creative Director for my very own company, Mica Shine - All Natural Beauty - Cosmetics, Fit for Royalty.

What made these cosmetics truly special? They weren't just ordinary products; they were crafted with natural ingredients and designed to make everyone shine, especially drag performers. People were drawn to these products because they allowed them to express themselves in new and exciting ways. I had turned my dream into reality, and the response was overwhelming.

But my work goes beyond selling cosmetics. The true reward comes from witnessing how my products and knowledge empower people to grow in countless ways. They gain confidence in their professional lives, find greater happiness at home, and for drag performers, reach new heights of excellence in their art.

My mission in life is lifelong. I continue to listen, learn, and help people discover their unique beauty. Whether through my book, my cosmetics line, or simply by being myself, I strive to be a force for good in the world, assisting people in becoming the best versions of themselves.

So, what makes me, Mica Shine, the Entrepreneur Drag Performer, truly special? It's not just the makeup; it's the journey of transformation and empowerment I embark upon every day, helping individuals embrace their beauty and confidence.